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ProInstall :

Automated sensor installation systems increasing the durability of the performance of embedded systems on structures or when they are installed during the manufacturing of structures.

The first sensors considered are :

– Fiber optic sensors, such as Bragg gratings or so-called FBGs (Fiber Bragg Grating).

– SolGel based sensors such as ProSCRIBE.


Help to optimize the maintenance of structures specific to the design and context of use of metallic and / or composite structures, while monitoring the reliability of signals or measurements provided by all sensors and monitoring means installed on infrastructure subject to fatigue or damage such as accidental impacts, fire, corrosion …


Detector allowing for example: the detection of corrosion – cracks impacts, allowing the optimization of quality control and maintenance of structure.

Optical waveguides deposited on the surfaces to be controlled or monitored, will themselves be damaged, whose sensitive part is made of a SolGel type material (mixture of Gel and solid elements). Their level of susceptibility to damage is adjusted to the needs of the application context, both in terms of resolution as to the location and characterization of the cause, for example the energy level of an unacceptable impact given the design of the structure.


Defect or damage detection system based on the principle of Shearography (optical system using interferometry), added to an automated diagnosis of the result allowing to control structures in composite materials, metal, wood, plastic… on structures in the course of manufacture or already assembled.

Optical system based on the principle of interferometry whose level of sensitivity and detection performance is adapted to the industrial context.

An image interpretation system is included, allowing automated diagnosis and integration of the system in a manufacturing line.

The system can be mounted on a drone to control areas that are difficult to access, reducing logistics costs.

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