Shearographic inspection:

Shearographic image

DFinder is internationally recognised as expert on Shearography, applied on manufacturing and operation conditions, all type of materials and structure’s complexity.

Specific devices are adapted to complex accesibilties.


Help to optimize the maintenance of structures and reliability of measurements
In real time provided by all sensors and monitoring means
installed on mechanical infrastructures.

Reliability label:

Reliability diagnosis of electronic and optoelectronic systems that can support prototyping and optimization of electronic design (reliability analysis of design choices of electronic modules, with the granting of a Reliability Label).


Every 11 seconds, Amazon rolls out a new update to its e-commerce site. A break, even a short one, is not allowed. It is essential to limit human error. The DevOps paradigm is in line with this desire for stability, which is possible thanks to automation and versioning tools.
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Support to design and manufacturing audits of material and processes, electronic and optoelectronic systems.

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