Your partner for automated and reliable production control or global predictive maintenance, thanks to the combination of digital twins and onboard sensors.

Our offer:

DFinder offers automation and optimization of quality control in manufacturing, or during maintenance, of the health assessment of structures ans systems. Our systems can be used in the marine, aerospace, nuclear, automotive, on-shore and off-shore wind energy sectors.

Our solutions include:

– Health Monitoring and Health Management, providing predictive and preventive maintenance of the entire structure. Analyses combine the digital twin (fluid dynamics, vibration, and thermal) with on-board sensor data.

– Innovative and automated non-destructive testing solutions such as “ProSCRIBE” and “ProGoNoGo”.  They are completed by their semi-automated installation system “ProInstall”.

All supplies are characterized by a “Reliability” label specific to the context of use, issued by the DFinder engineering office. This label guarantees the longevity of the embedded systems and therefore the reliability of the diagnostics.

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what do we do ?

DFinder offers :


Support to design and manufacturing process, such as:  material and processes, electronic and optoelectronic systems.


Monitoring and prediction of the integrity of structures in operation

Reliability label

Reliability labeling of electronic and optoelectronic equipment.
Capture Shearographique


Support to the development of classic or innovative solutions of controls (NDT) multisectorial.
Inspection by Shearography, inducing cost and time saving.

What are our products?

We offer different products: 


Optoelectronic sensors for:
detection of corrosion, cracks and impacts.
optimization of quality control and maintenance of structures.


Detection system of defects or damages based on the principle of Shearography, optical interference, increased by an automated diagnosis.


Automated sensor installation systems on structures, increasing the durability of the performance of embedded or manufacturing systems, and minimizing human error.


Global Health Predictive Management, helps to optimize the longevity and maintenance of structures according to the design and the context of use.

DFinder allows you to:

Optimize manufacturing cycles and costs as well as the longevity of the structures,   reducing impact on the environment.

Which equipments ?

We offer solutions :

-based on optical fibers with Bragg gratings ” FBG “,
-optical waveguides,
-interferometric optical systems,

These solutions are selected and adapted according to the design of the structure, the mission profiles, the environmental conditions and the systems already installed.

Our team:

DFinder is composed of several industrial experts from the aeronautics, marine, automotive and nuclear industries.

our expertise


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